I like audio books a lot, so I decided to try Audible after hearing about in number of podcasts. To get a account was the easy part, all you need is a Credit Card number and you are ready to go. With my first credit available I have selected a book and then difficulties started.

  1. Linux. I tend to use Ubuntu Linux most of the time. To download your book form Audible you will need a Windows computer with the Audible Download Manager installed. When I pressed the “Login to Audible” button in the Audible Download Manager, my default web browser Chrome have opened and I tried to login. Correction, form March 2011 Chrome is working with Audible Downloadd Manager on Windows 7. No way, I could not login because the Download Manager connected me with (USA version) when my account was created at Then I logged in at manually and tried again to connect  with the Audible Download Manager – it did not work!
  2. Calling support. The customer support responded quickly on the phone. I have explained my difficulties while connecting to My Library at Audible. The problem was “wrong” browser. I have to use IE in order to connect.
  3. Audio devices. After going through wired wizard I have chose an audio device (no Android available) then the download has started.. My Creative ZEN player is a supported device. Between other supported are iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Java, Palm, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Windows Mobile. Later on you can add a lot of different devices.
  4. Lack of portability. I want to listen to downloaded books on my car audio system which supports MP3 and WMA. However there is no way to move downloaded book on a USB stick or memory card. So I’m stuck with pocket MP3 player in a car.
  5. Workarounds. It looks that books from Audible can be played in Apple iTunes. I have installed yet another unnecessary piece of software on my computer. With iTunes I was able to burn a CD to use in my car.

Conclusion. If you are addicted to audio books it is as far I know the best you can get. If you listening to books only from time to time you may be better off with account at



  • It is good price for Audible account, you get one credit a month just for 3,99 GBP (4,80 EUR).
  • Large collection and many new audio books.


  • Highly inconvenient
  • Forced to use proprietary software (Windows, IE, iTunes, Audible Download Manager)
  • Downloaded content is not easy to transfer to another device.
  • When you quit Adible account you lose your books.
  • It is not easy to share a downloaded Audible book with a friend.
  • IS NOT That’s why Audible Download Manager does not work flawless with the UK version of Audible.

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